Top speed 33

Approximate towing weight 835kg

Max persons 8

Max HP 115

The Falcon 520, is the perfect small family rib.

Whether you are new to boating or just looking for a lightweight boat that will tow easily, this 5.2m rib has a lot to offer.

The 520 is fast, manoeuvrable, dry and more importantly safe! You can choose from a variety of console and seat configurations so that your Falcon 520 fully meets your needs.

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Main RIBs Specs

Width 2400mm
Weight 325kg
Cruising Range 350NM

The 520 is the perfect entry level family RIB.

Sporty and agile but spacious and seaworthy. The 520 will get you out exploring the coastline in safety. You’ll get a lot of storage space for a 5.2m boat. Stow your gear in the console, aft bench seat or the underdeck storage compartment.

Available with with numerous console and seating combinations the 520
can take on the role of family RIB or sailing club safety boat with ease.

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Tech Specs

| |
Length 5200mm
Maximum Load 875kg
Air Chamber 6
Beam 2350mm
Maximum Persons 8
Tube Construction Welded Double-Overlap
Anchor Roller Optional
Empty Weight 325kg
Hull Progressive 'V'
Tube Diameter 510mm
Keel Guard Optional
Maximum Power 115hp
Maximum Deadrise 17°
Tube Fabric Valmex/PU
Warranty 10
Certification ISO6185/BIASA RCD2013/53/EU

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