Thermo Bonded vs Glued RIB Tube Seams

Did you know? Our RIB tubes are completely fail-proof!

Unlike with glued seams of the past, modern thermo-bonded seams will never let you down – they are stronger than the fabric and cannot come apart. They can withstand in excess of 10 times the pressure of glued seams and will outlast the fabric.

Falcon Thermo Bonded RIB tubes

Facts about glued seams

Our research indicates that the first point of failure of any inflatable RIB, made from any derivative of fabric, is the glued seams. Rather than the fabric itself. Hypalon seams cannot be welded, only glued. So what is the advantage of using a good quality fabric, but the glued seams will fail in any way before the fabric fails?

Facts about thermo bonded seams

This has truly revolutionised the rigid inflatable boat industry. Seams are melted together using a combination of hot-air and high-frequency welding, resulting in a bond 4 times as strong as a glue seam. The result is a pressure tolerance of more than 10 times normal operational pressure, and a seam which simply cannot fail.

The procedure is so reliable that is has been adopted by every reputable manufacturer in the world. The only exceptions are hypalon only manufacturers – they are currently at the mercy of glue.

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Since thermo-bonding took the market, every single Hypalon RIB now produced are fitted as standard with automatic pressure release valves in order to prevent overpressure and extend glued seam life. A thermo-bonded seam is so tolerant that you never need to inflate or deflate a tube to compensate for temperature variances.