Introducing Lifecord

Always wear a kill cord! Whether you are a RIB owner or on a RIB Charter our message is clear – always wear a kill cord. So, we are always happy to share innovations in the market that helps RIB boaters to wear their kill cords.

It’s easy to be distracted while afloat and unfortunately, as a result it’s far too easy to forget to connect your kill cord, especially after performing tasks on the boat such as pulling in an anchor or fenders, reeling in a fish, or perhaps a change of pilot at sea, while often the preference is leaving the engine ticking over in neutral rather than to turn it off altogether.

Introducing Lifecord

The ‘smart’ kill cord that knows when you’re wearing it and alarms to remind you to clip on if you don’t.


Lifecord is a newly designed and patented kill cord, providing the certainty and reliability of a tethered connection between a boat’s engine ignition kill switch and pilot, ensuring the vessel’s engine stops should the pilot be inadvertently thrown from the helm. However, unlike the typical passive kill cords commonly seen, Lifecord is a ‘smart’ kill cord incorporating detection technology designed to trigger an audible and visual warning alarm should LIFECORD be connected to a boat’s kill switch but not the pilot, similar to a seatbelt warning in a car.

LIFECORD Available in either black or red cord

A Motor Boat & Yachting magazine readers’ poll indicated that 83% of boat users admitted they had forgotten at some point to connect their kill cord. If you and your family get thrown from a moving boat without the kill cord connected, the consequences are potentially disastrous. With no one aboard, the boat has a tendency to circle out of control and at speed, closing in on both the crew in the water and other people or boats nearby, putting lives in grave danger. Such tragedies have been well publicised and are horrific for all concerned.

Lifecord ensures its connection is unforgettable, keeping you and your family safer on the water. It gets a thumbs up from Lymington Ribs.